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White water rafting in spain

White water rafting in spain

   Spain is well known for its good weather, sandy beaches, delicious food&wine and cultural richness, but also because it is a paradise for outdoor sports.

   Rafting has become one of the most popular activities amongst the fans of adventure sports. Rivers such as Gallego, Noguera Pallaresa, Miño or Hoces del Cabriel are some of the best known destinies for rafting in Spain right now.

   The Spanish Pyrenees area especially hide amazing rivers and canyons surrounded by mountains. It is a great destination for nature lovers where we find some of the best white water spots of the country: the river Gallego and Noguera Pallaresa. Both rivers offer wild rapids, waves to surf and kilometres of natural environment to paddle nearly the whole year round... a experience that suit everyone.

   For those looking for a big dose of adrenaline, the snow-melting during the spring season allows us to navigate some of the most stunning rivers right in the heart of the Pyrenees: Veral or Ara. Nestled in beautiful mountain valleys, these descents in a magnificent scenery are full of emotion.

   The Irati river is also a great opportunity for a different rafting in the western Pyrenees. Especially recommended for families and groups of children, it is an outdoor activity dedicated to discover an unique natural environment in Aoiz.

   Today we recomend to have this adventure with a profesional rafting guides. It´s very easy to find a tour operator in the area as RIver Guru, witch will be very happy to arrange a rafting trip for you. We are River Guru and we can speak English, french, Italian, in adition to Portugeis, Bask and Spanish. Read our reviews on trip advisor or facebook.





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